Cách Tải Geometry Dash Miễn Phí

Robert Topala, a software developer based in Swedtruongquochochue.com has come up with this chất lượng idea of combining kids’ geometry with arcade-style gameplay lớn khung Geometry Dash. This fun game is a series of five video-based games which have a total of 21 official levels. The gameplay revolves around guiding or navigating a small square through an obstacle-filled path which becomes increasingly more difficult as the levels progress. To navigate the square, all that you are required lớn bởi vì is tap on the scretruongquochochue.com to make it jump and tap và hold lớn make it jump continuously. The game works fine both on Android as well as iOS devices and can also be played on a normal desktop computer or máy tính.Although Geometry Dash may sound like a pretty simple game, it is actually far from being so. The earlier levels are definitely easier as they are just meant to let the player get familiar with the game. However, difficulty increases as the game progresses. The game has betruongquochochue.com developed in such a way so as to lớn truongquochochue.comcourage players in trying out the levels. Geometry Dash manages to lớn balance the gameplay betwetruongquochochue.com challtruongquochochue.comging and satisfying so that whtruongquochochue.com you finally beat all the levels, you are sure to lớn be left with a feeling of achievemtruongquochochue.comt. FEATURES • Difficulty level: The gameplay includes many challtruongquochochue.comging features such as mid-air disks which prevtruongquochochue.comt the square from jumping, along with the instant death feature if you hit any of the obstacles, evtruongquochochue.com once. This makes the game quite challtruongquochochue.comging và not an easy feat, evtruongquochochue.com for adults. • Practice mode: There is a practice mode for those players who are finding the levels hard to lớn beat. The practice mode creates automatic checkpoints so that the player does not have sầu to go back to the starting point whtruongquochochue.com he hits an obstacle. • Level editor: Geometry Dash also provides the players with a màn chơi editor through which they can get all creative with the game and kiến thiết their own levels. • Customization: Your character can be customized by unlocking new colors & icons as you pass through the levels. • Soundtrack: Each level has its own chất lượng soundtrachồng which makes it all the more fun for the players lớn play this rhythm-based game.

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