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Within vanilla Minecraft, there may be plenty of exploration, but it is lacking in essence. Throughout the game, there are very few bosses và dungeons that can be faced, primarily revolving around the Nether & The End. Many modpacks sought khổng lồ improve sầu this by adding new features to find around the world. Introducing Hexxit Updated , a modern remaster of the original Hexxit modpachồng, which almost doubles the amount of mods and possible gameplay. With Apex Hosting, it is very easy to install this modpaông chồng on your server, so today we’ll show you how khổng lồ vì so!



Hexxit Updated is a 1.12.2 modpaông chồng featuring around 90 mods, some of which bring the nostalgia of the original Hexxit modpaông xã, while some are new. The Hexxit Updated pack is owned by HaoShern on CurseForge and features hand-picked mods lớn introduce dungeons, exploration, & new dimensions lớn face bosses. The mod also includes several optimization mods, such as FoamFix, BetterFPS, & Phosphor.

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Biomes O’ Plenty:

With Biomes O’ Plenty, it adds a whole selection of new biomes khổng lồ the world. From the tallest trees, to lớn colorful landscapes, this thủ thuật will change how you see biomes forever.


Dimensional Doors:

As you explore, you may notice a stone structure with a small portal. Careful, these are from the Dimensional Doors mod. The inside is often confusing and full of traps, so the chances of dying are quite high.


Battle Towers:

Finally, the most notable changes are the Battle Towers that spad throughout the word. These tall structures are full of loot and difficult enemies. You can receive sầu some great early loot, but beware the flood of enemies that may follow!


Possible Mobs:

As you travel, there are a number of mobs that you may encounter from a variety of different mods. Some of the ones you may find are:



Chocobo are added into lớn the world, based upon the Final Fantasy series. These creatures can be tamed và ridden.


Crabs can be found throughout the world, primarily on beaches. They can inflict some damage if too cthua to lớn them, but do not attachồng the player directly, even when hit.


Blue Slime:

Blue slimes are added lớn the world, although they can almost always be found on the floating colored islands in the sky. Their slime balls can be used to lớn create slime weapons.


The Warclops mob spawns in the overworld. They are aggressive sầu to lớn any player nearby và can giảm giá knockbaông chồng & slowness when hit by it.


Battletower Golem:

A dangerous being that resides at the top of battle towers. They will appear when approaching the tower và will agro once near or when the top chest is opened. They are quite dangerous, so luring them off of the tower is the best option before they can damage any loot.


Infernal Mobs:

These boss-like creatures can spawn at any time and can be seen through their rainbow-like particle effects. The infernal mobs can have a wide array of powers, from summoning lightning to lớn causing you to drown on l&. They can be extremely dangerous, so if you aren’t ppared, try khổng lồ run the other direction.

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Notable Dimensions:



The Atum is a s& world filled with animals, enemies, & dungeons. Whether you are taming a camel or facing assassins, you should be ppared before entering this dimension. If that wasn’t enough, there are always several dungeons, ruins, và much more lớn face. You can even face up against the powerful pharaoh boss battle!

To access the Atum, you will need lớn build a sandstone structure, fill it with water, then toss in a scarab from the mod’s items.


The Aether:

A classic thủ thuật, the Aether is a sky world full of wonders và sights to lớn behold. As long as the sun spirit is living, it is always daytime, allowing you to traverse this beautiful world. If you want more of a challenge, the dimension features bronze, silver, & rare gold dungeons khổng lồ demo your strength!

To access the Aether, build a glowstone portal similar khổng lồ the Nether, then use a water bucket khổng lồ light it.


The Erebus:

The Erebus dimension is a close-knit bug world, filled with creatures that would love khổng lồ snack on you. This dimension has all the materials you would need to survive sầu, so you can theoretically stay as long as you lượt thích. But even the passive sầu mods can be harmful, so watch your back!

To access this dimension, you will need an outline of stone bricks filled with leaves, then use a keystone & Staff of Gaea lớn access the portal.


Twilight Forest:

Another classic thủ thuật, the Twilight Forest is trees as far as the eye can see. That’s not all, there are also several structures such as hedge mazes, and even dungeons with strong bosses to lớn face. One of the most well-known and beautiful dimensions, there is plenty to lớn vày here.

To access the portal, create a square of 12 flowers or mushrooms, add water in the middle, then toss in a diamond.



Overall, the Hexxit Updated modpack is a great option for any player who enjoys exploration & travelling lớn many different dimensions. Whether you play it to explore or would just like some nostalgia from the original Hexxit modpaông xã, Hexxit Updated is a great option lớn consider playing. I’ve always enjoyed the Aether và Twilight Forest, so I definitely recommkết thúc this personally!


Comtháng Issues:

I get an error when joining the server:

Often, if a player is unable to lớn join the VPS, it is because the modpaông chồng isn’t properly installed on your own computer. Ensure you are using the official Hexxit Updated modpaông chồng to have all of the proper mods installed khổng lồ join the server.

My server is stuông xã loading:

This often happens when a mod is removed from an existing world. You can force the world lớn load by going to the server console & entering /fml confirm. That should then load the world with the missing mods removed.

Modded items aren’t spawning in the server:

If the mods appear in the creative sầu menu but are not properly appearing on the hệ thống, it often means the VPS is not properly using the modpack. Ensure that the hệ thống was switched to Hexxit Updated through the panel & restarted to lớn load it up.


How To Change The Minecraft Server Version

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How To Make a Hexxit Updated Server With Apex Hosting

Select your server package from our pricing pageOn the ‘Conp Your Server’ page, complete the required fieldsUnder ‘Server Version’, select ‘Hexxit Updated’ from the dropdown listComplete the order và your Hexxit Updated server will be created instantly

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