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Daily Debate: If LEGO Made an Official Zeldomain authority Set, Which Game Should it be From?

November 03 2021 by Joseph Berlinger

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Ever since the discontinuation of LEGO Castle in năm trước, LEGO has lacked a medieval theme of sets for their yearly line-up. This is a real shame, as the LEGO Kingdoms và LEGO Castle sets were always my favorites. I vì chưng wonder what Zelda game LEGO would use to create a br& new toy line. They could easily go for a recent game lượt thích Link’s Awakening or Breath of the Wild. Something like a Bokoblin Camp could easily make a set….

The Legkết thúc of Zelda has an unquestionably passionate creative sầu community, occupied by a diverse collection of fervent fans. In particular, the fandom is filled with talented musicians looking to make their appreciation for the series’ amazing music known with their own renditions và rearrangements. One of the most interesting & unique examples has recently become available for streaming. Video game mariachi outfit (never thought I’d ever describe a b& that way) Maricachi Entertainment System has released their new album Hemang đến En Hyrule on…

The announcement of Chocobo GP.., a sequel lớn the Playstation Chocobo Racing, was something I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t grow up with a Playstation, so I missed the memo that a Final Fantasy kart-racing game along the same veins of Mario Kart existed. But this announcement got me incredibly excited lớn race as some of my favorite Final Fantasy characters (yay Vivi!), and it also got me thinking – why don’t we have a Zeldomain authority Racing series? Mario…

Ex-Nintendo Programmer Shares Footage of Portal-Style Tech in Ocarimãng cầu of Time R&D Demo

November 02 2021 by Mike Midwood

Earlier this year, former Nintenvì chưng programmer Giles Goddard spoke in an interview about his work in Retìm kiếm & Development (R&D) on Ocarina of Time. Specifically, he discussed a teleportation system he had created, which he described as “…a portal where you could look through, go in, and then you would get teleported khổng lồ a different part of the bản đồ.” The idea of a window that the player could both peer và travel through inevitably drew comparisons to lớn Valve’s popular 2007 puzzler Portal….

Caption Contest 315: “This might be a good spot to lớn find some ingredients.”

November 01 2021 by Rod Lloyd

Hey there, Zelda fans! How about we all wind down after a long Monday with the Zeldomain authority Dungeon Caption Contest? Since we’ve been featuring spooky and scary screenshots in honor of Halloween the past several weeks, we haven’t really had the chance lớn spotlight some of the craziest Nintenvày news of the past month. One announcement that blew all our minds was that of Sora from Kingdom Hearts joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That means the worlds of Kingdom Hearts…

Daily Debate: Which Zeldomain authority Game’s Bomb Felt the Most Satisfying khổng lồ Use?

November 01 2021 by Joseph Berlinger

Have you ever innocently wandered though The Wind Waker’s Forsaken Fortress after it was abandoned by Ganondorf? The lonely, empty halls are so devoid of life. A pin could fall và eđến like a thunderclap. In the distance, you see a faint light coming from the kitchens. With curiosity piqued, you step inlớn the room. To your disappointment, the light is simply the moon coming from an open window. Suddenly, there is a shrill squeak! A sound like crunching wet…

Chechồng Out This Breath of the Wild Fan-Animated Music Video for Glass Animals’ “Life Itself”

November 01 2021 by Alexis Anderson

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Animator Casey McDonald recently made a short Breath of the Wild-inspired music video clip for the Glass Animals song “Life Itself.” The “animation meme” depicts the events that occurred in Hyrule prior to the start of Breath of the Wild và was uploaded to lớn McDonald’s YouTube channel, GothFrog earlier this month. Breath of the Wild was McDonald’s first Zelda game and she loved the story, so this đoạn phim was a way for her to lớn cốt truyện that appreciation with others. McDonald has…

I’ve sầu been going back và revisiting the Cowboy Bebop anime in preparation for the live-action Netflix take on the story, & I’ve sầu found that while I enjoyed the music in it my first few times through the series, I’ve sầu grown khổng lồ have sầu a much deeper appreciation for it this go around. I wouldn’t necessarily điện thoại tư vấn myself a jazz bạn per se, but I’ve never gone out of my way lớn listen to lớn jazz tracks or add them khổng lồ my daily work…

31 chất lượng pieces, each done within a short timeframe. I have sầu completed the Linktober art challenge for my second time, and I feel great! Here’s my last week’s worth of pieces! Day 25: Lens of Truth This one is a switch up from my norm. I decided to create a meme for the Lens of Truth prompt. Using the lens on the Phantom Ganon painting reveals the truth: it is actually Yer Baby by Ringo Star. Yer Baby is…

Definitively Ranking Zelda’s Scariest Dungeons in The Champions’ Cast Episode 185

October 31 2021 by Andy Spiteri

Happy Halloween Zelda fans! Get into the spooky mode by celebrating some of the scariest & creepiest dungeons and areas in the Zeldomain authority series. We are definitively ranking them to figure out what is the absolute creepiest of them all. From heavy hitters like the Shadow Temple & Arbiters Grounds to lớn lessor known dungeons like Phantom Hourglass’s Ghost Ship or Oracle of Seasons’ Explorer’s Crypt, all the way back lớn area’s with creepy vibes lượt thích Ikana Castle or The Minish…



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